Latest Updates

New Task Tab!

November 15, 2022
We're proud to announce the creation of the Task Tab! No longer will you have to navigate between your contacts and dashboard to see all you tasks.  On the Task Tab all your tasks will be organized in an easy to navigate list...
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New Ads Reporting is Live!

November 9, 2022
We listened to your feedback and after countless hours designing and coding we are excited to present the new and improved Ads Reporting! Get a complete breakdown of your ads and campaigns at a glance with our new intuitive design...
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New Conversations UI

November 3, 2022
Conversations have just undergone a major update! We have redesigned Conversations to be more user-friendly and added an array of cool new features to improve your user experience and filter between communication channels...
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Contacts Detail Update!

October 26, 2022
We are thrilled to announce that the Contacts Detail section has gone through a redesign! No longer do you have to switch between tabs to view a contact's information. Thanks to the update you can now access all their information in one convenient place.
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Top B2B Companies in MD award for 2022

September 5, 2022
Xtreme Websites announces Clutch has named the company one of the Top B2B Companies in all of Maryland this 2022.
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New Appointment Modal!

June 15, 2022
We've added a new exciting feature to the Calendars page, the Appointment Modal! You can now access your appointment details and make quick actions to your appointment all from the Calendar page.
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New Opt-Out Granular Control

May 10, 2022
DND is turned on manually or automatically when a lead unsubscribed. This means that the Automator will not send any future emails or SMS to that contact as the contact has DND (Do Not Disturb). Up to now if you activated DND, you lost the ability to communicate with the...
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Tools and Resources Now Available!

April 19, 2022
The new Tools & Resources page is a library of tried and proven resources that can benefit you as a business owner. The library includes services, software, and extensions that can make daily tasks simpler and help make running a business easier.
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New Help Center Added!

February 2, 2022
The Automator now has a Help library with detailed articles and video tutorials that cover all the software's important features so that you can begin using the Xtreme Automator like a pro from the start.
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Email Signature Widget

June 23, 2021
The widget gives Customer Voice users a personalized email signature ready to copy and paste into their email signature settings. This feature will allow businesses to proactively ask for customer reviews through every email they send out to their customers.
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Form Responses New Location

May 3, 2021
You can now track form responses directly in your Site Overview, so you’ve got more insight into what’s happening with your sites at a glance. This card allows you to see who is responding to your site forms, and how many responses the forms are getting.
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Introducing Sentiment Analysis

December 10, 2020
We’re proud to announce a new way of monitoring reviews for our Online Reputation Suite clients! We saw the importance of monitoring client reviews and created Sentiment Analysis to make the job easier. Sentiment Analysis is a reviews analysis tool that will make managing your reviews easier than ever before.
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New Orders Page! More of what you want – Less of what you don’t

August 21, 2020
As part of our continuous commitment on delivering the best client experience and enabling the best technology for our clients, we've been working on adding some new features on the Client Orders Page and improving its overall appearance.
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Share Reviews As Images

July 15, 2020
Users of both Reputation Management and Social Marketing now can share their glowing reviews pulled in through Reputation Management as images in Social Marketing.
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Reputation Management Has Google Q&A Monitoring

June 30, 2020
You now have the ability to monitor all questions and answers from Google Q&A. Respond to questions and ask and answer helpful FAQ for your customers from within Reputation Management Express and Pro.
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